Road works

  • Repairs
  • Traffic light intersections
  • Parking arrangements


  • arrangement access public road building The Bridge
  • sidewalk restoration Cuza Voda Street – SC View From Above
  • road system restoration following the execution of the electrical connection Ana Towers Offices
  • the realization of the road infrastructure for the arrangement of the accesses to the multifunctional housing and trade complex Central Residence
  • road reconstructions following the execution of the natural gas distribution network str. Codrii Neamțului, Fizicienilor, Vântului, Caloian Județul – București
  • design, approval, execution and reception of road infrastructure Spl. Unirii and Ion Minulescu Street, Bucharest – Vastint Romania
  • road renovations of Câmpia Libertății Street, bd. Liviu Rebreanu, str. Murgului, Bucharest – SC Euroconstruct Trading 98
  • road restoration str. Intr. Făgăraș Mountains, Cernica Byzantium Street – Cernica Commune City Hall
  • road restoration George Coșbuc street, Cernica – Cernica Commune City Hall
  • access arrangement Mega Image Snagov, Ilfov county – SC BG Capital Invest
  • design and restoration of road and sidewalk from str Preciziei no. 3G, sector 6, Bucharest.

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