Thermal Installations

Having the activity of the organization mainly in the field of installations, an activity adjacent to the gas installations was developed, namely that of the thermal installations.

Our company offers design and execution services for thermal installations, using equipment up to 400 kw, being authorized by ISCIR in this regard.

Through us, customers can purchase any type of thermal power plant produced by Ariston, Immergas, Viessman, Caloma, Radiant and can benefit from specialized consulting according to their needs and the particularities of the work.

The main works and services we can offer to our clients are:
  • analyzing the existing situation and providing technical assistance in the field of heating installations for thermal calculation, establishing the necessary heat, heating solutions, choosing the technical solution, equipment and materials, respecting the standards and norms in force;
  • making the necessary documentation in order to obtain authorizations;
  • bidding;
  • installation / installation of thermal power plants with powers up to 400 kw with natural gas supply, liquid or solid fuel, with static or dynamic bodies;
  • installation services (copper, polypropylene), heating (radiators, convectors, fan coils, radiant tubes, heat pumps), underfloor heating for residential complexes;
  • rehabilitation of thermal installations for old buildings;
  • authorization of the operation of the thermal power plant under legal conditions;
  • service for the maintenance and / or repair of thermal power plants from the range of those installed;
  • periodic technical inspection – VTP (required by the legislation in force to be performed every 2 years) and technical revision of the thermal installation (required by the legislation in force to be performed once every 10 years);
  • periodic technical verification – VTP of the thermal power plant (required by the legislation in force to be performed once every 2 years);
  • chemical washing of thermal equipment and installations, in order to reduce the operating costs of power plants and thermal installations (removal of limescale and iron oxide deposits).


We have made over 6,000 installations for homes in recent years.

Among the clients that have benefited from thermal installation works in the last year are:

  • National Health Insurance House;
  • Baneasa 1 residential complex;
  • The C.I. Nottara;
  • Console Grup Construct SRL;
  • Sanitary Veterinary Directorate for County Food Safety and Bucharest Municipality;
  • Bom Gusto SRL- Pizzeria Factory;
  • Giurgiu Technology Park;
  • Institute of Diagnosis and Animal Health (with installation of solar panels).

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