The Miral Instal team offers consulting services in the field of natural gas and thermal installations for residential complexes, industrial and mixed objectives.

The main purpose of the consulting services is to choose the optimal solution from a technical and economic point of view for connecting to the public utility networks according to the client’s needs and the legislation in force. We take care of the necessary formalities for obtaining the authorizations from the local public administration authorities.


The main services we can offer our customers are:
  • preparation of feasibility studies for extensions and establishments distribution of water / canal / gas networks
  • obtaining the urbanism certificate, permits and building permit for connection to public utility networks;
  • obtaining the urbanism certificate, the permits and the authorization to build urban networks for crossing watercourses;
  • obtaining the wastewater collection agreement and the environmental agreement.
In order to benefit from the consulting services of our company, it is necessary to complete the following steps:
  • contacting the Customer Relations department in order to request a meeting at the company’s headquarters, or online through the form and providing the essential information related to your work;
  • meeting planning;
  • request for the offer that includes cost estimates, deadlines;
  • the client’s agreement and the conclusion of a contract between him and the company;
  • completion of the contract, respecting the contractual clauses.
  • IMPORTANT! We can represent you only after a notarial declaration!
More information:
  • The building permit is obtained on the basis of DTAC – technical documentation for the issuance of the building permit, together with the town planning certificate, the agreements and approvals established by the authority issuing the building permit. DTAC is verified by certified technical verifiers, through it establishing the main coordinates regarding the endowment of constructions. The execution of construction works can be done only on the basis of the technical design and execution details.
  • The technical project represents the technical-economic documentation, completed according to the norms and laws in force, verified by certified technical verifiers, respecting the conditions imposed by the building permit, approvals, agreements and administrative act of the environmental protection authority;
  • D.E- execution details- represent technical documentation, verified by certified technical verifiers that include graphic representations with strict observance of the provisions of the technical project.
Advantages of the consulting service:
  • saving time behind the information provided on the submission of documentation;
  • cost reduction solutions;
  • mediating the relationship with the authorities;
  • access to useful and complete information from specialized personnel;
  • the possibility to obtain independent evaluations and recommendations.

Request a viewing!

In order to benefit from a price offer, it is necessary to request a viewing to be performed by a designated engineer.