Water-channel Networks and Installations

  • Pipe and branch replacements
  • Extensions and connections
  • Indoor installations
  • Fire extinguishing systems

According to Apa Nova, approximately 1,700,000 inhabitants of the Capital benefit from drinking water supply and sewerage services. The modernization of the infrastructure is necessary for reasons related to the improvement of the quality of life of the consumer, but also to the wear of the pipes, with the passage of time. That is why our company has expanded its activity, adding water-sewer works to its portfolio.

In recent years we have become increasingly active in the field, performing diversions, replacements and extensions to the water network and sewerage network, water connections and canal connections. The design and execution stages comply exactly with the norms and standards in force. When creating drinking water distribution networks, we use high-performance, modern and reliable materials, collaborating with the most well-known suppliers in the field.

The main works and services offered are:
  • obtaining the technical solution from the local distributor;
  • design of drinking water pipe and sewer connections;
  • extensions of water-canal networks;
  • replacements of public water supply networks;
  • water-sewer pipe diversions;
  • design and execution of manholes
  • execution of water connection / sewerage connection in agglomerated areas of the municipal networks, the execution can also be done by directed horizontal drilling;
  • resizing the jointly used connection;
  • interventions;
  • installation or replacement of cold water and hot water meters, regardless of diameter, in through mode;
  • separation of drinking water metering block stairs from the owners’ associations;
  • water column repairs, valve and faucet replacements, basement block mesh replacements;
  • installation of sanitary installations, machinery and equipment;
  • installation and installation of external hydrants.

Connection to the water distribution system involves:

  • obtaining the approvals and authorizations necessary for the execution of the works;
  • design of connections and connections;
  • approval of the project by the verifier;
  • execution of the work;
  • procurement and installation of the measuring loop made by the water distributor;
  • reception of the work, commissioning of the connection / connection made by the local distributor;
  • signing the contract for the provision of water supply / sewerage services;
  • signing the report of delivery-receipt of the paper.


We consider reference works in this field:

  • branch office building gas, water, sewerage New Times Building Complex – Vastint Romania;
  • rehabilitation of water diversion sidewalk Vastint Romania;
  • Netron cold water pipe and sewer diversion;
  • Global Worth branched water design and execution;
  • installation of Parklake Mall pipe hydrants;
  • water connection and branch branch Kappa Properties;
  • water and branch connection branch ELGAN Offices;
  • branching of the Belvedere Development water extension pipe;
  • designing and obtaining the documentation in order to execute the works of the passage of the watercourses from Bucharest, Vâlcea, Brașov and Ilfov;
  • replacement of the current water network located in Albișoara Street;
  • diversion of the water and sewerage network 26 Pallady Street, Al. Emanoil Marius Buteica;
  • execution of the connection of the water supply and sewerage system to Farmaceutica Remedia;
  • execution of the sewer connection for D.C.A. PERST SRL;
  • execution of the connection of the water supply and sewerage system for the Bucharest One office building;
  • designing and obtaining the necessary documentation for the execution of under-passage watercourses in Bucharest and Ilfov, Valcea, Brasov, Galati, Dambovita, Ialomita.

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